Hailing from Indianapolis, IN, Tony Cleveland’s music is a genuine reflection of life’s complexities. His authenticity, forged in real-life struggles, sets him apart. Despite a challenging upbringing, he found strength in vulnerability, turning juvenile detention into a poetry foundation for his future in rap.

Family plays a pivotal role in Tony’s narrative. Raised by his grandmother, he considers her his best friend. His stepfather, despite prison stints, instilled fortitude and commitment. Mentorship from Boss Hogg guided him through early music industry challenges.

Tragedy struck with Boss Hogg’s loss, but Tony transformed adversity into motivation, emerging as FOTB Tony. He doesn’t shy away from his past, embracing the present as a gift. Through charitable efforts, he gives back, standing up for those who have been let down.

In a world of contradictions, Tony Cleveland defines simplicity. Proud yet humble, defiant yet receptive, his multifaceted character is a testament to the richness of his experiences. In the end, Tony Cleveland is a man who brings authenticity to every aspect of his life.

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